Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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Food Preservation Class

Food Preservation

Wednesday August 19, 2015
7:00 - 9:00 pm      $28

Want to continue to eat locally throughout the winter? Learn how to preserve your harvest, whether it be from your garden, the Farmer's Market or from a CSA.  

In this class we will learn how to dry food using a dehydrator  and how to properly freeze fruits and vegetables.  You will also receive a handout on how to store root crops and squashes.  

Sample zucchini chips and tofu dip, kale chips and dried tomatoes preserved in oil and spices.
·  All fees paid in full with registration
  ·  Non-refundable
     ·  Please refer to the registration 
     form for further instructions
  ·  Classes are transferable

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