Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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Fitness Trips
Fitness Trip to Mexico |  Bicycle Trips | Cross Country Skiing Trips | BWCWA Canoe Trips 

         Casa Marianna offers
       active, guided, and
       budget trips to Mexico,
       and parts of Minnesota
       and Wisconsin.  

       The first goal is to
       participate in activities
       that encourage
       health and fitness, and
       the enjoyment of those
       activities and nature.
       This includes hiking,
       camping, biking, cross
       country skiing,  
       snowshoeing, strength
       training, and foreign

The second goal is to plan assorted activities, make accomedations, assist in
cultural and language differences (when in Mexico), and to be available for fitness and health suggestions.  
The third goal is to make such plans within a reasonal budget, to have a more authentic cultural experience, and to do so respecting the people and environment of each place we stay so that we may better understand our connection to this planet in all of its diversity and beauty.