Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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Training Testimonials


       “Personal training with Marianna is always 
         productive, fresh, and engaging. 
She listens
         patiently to my concerns, and guides me while
         learning a new exercise. I feel that she’s on the
         watch for good practice and protects me from
         harmful strain. Marianna reflects her
         knowledge and intuition like a sparkly clean

                Ilene Krug Mojsilov



“After going through two other personal trainers who didn't understand that a 50+ body doesn’t quite work the same way as a 20 something body, I found Marianna.  I didn’t need a rehab specialist, but I did need someone who could keep me motivated, help me work through some aches and pains and continue to challenge me. And when I did come in with an injury or some issue, she knew just what to do. Every session we have had has been both fun and challenging.  I’m in better shape now than ever before in my life!”
        Harvey Zuckman