Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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Personal Training
Marianna is available to work with clients privately in her home studio.

          Benefits of working out in her studio:        

1.              1.  No waiting to use equipment

2.              2.  Minimal equipment adjustment

3.              3.   Less time between exercises

4.              4.   Exercise in private

5.              5.   Duplicate training charts available

6.              6.   Shower available


 What she can do for you:
     1.      Design a complete workout program  
     2.      Devise a home program 
     3.      Revamp a current routine, performed at home or in a gym
     4.     Work you through a full body strength program
     5.     Work on flexibility                                                              
     6.     Work on core strength
     7.     Check, and correct if necessary, form and posture
     8.     Help with surgical, injury, or overuse rehabilitation
     9.     Train with pairs, two people at a time
    10.    Develop a weight management program
    11.    Improve nutrition and eating habits
    12.    Plan menus                                                   Cost: $62/session    10th session/free 

           Marianna can also come to your home to help design an exercise plan based on the space that you  
           have and some equipment easily used at home.  There is an additional travel charge for this service