Marianna Padilla
Personal Trainer, Instructor, Presenter

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Gardening Class
          A Class in Six Parts

     I. Planning: Designate a space or
   spots in  your yard and plan the
   size and content of your garden.    
   Discover the best places to get seeds
   and seedlings.

Preparation & Planting: Learn
   what tools you need, how to prepare    the soil and plant your garden.

Tending & Composting: Learn how to weed, thin, mulch, water and trim  your garden.  Begin composting.

Harvest & Storage: Learn when to harvest a variety of crops and how to store
  hardy vegetables for the winter.

   V. Freezing & Drying Produce: Learn how to freeze and dry a variety of fruits and
   vegetables at their peak of ripeness; this allows us to eat locally all year long.

    VI. Winterizing and Post-Script: Learn how to clean up, prepare for next  spring, and     put the garden to bed for the winter.  Review what worked and what didn't.

   When:   Wed April 13, 2016    7:00 pm           Cost:  $95 or $21 per single session
                  Wed May 4, 2016       7:00 pm           Where:  
Marianna's house & yard
                   Wed June 15, 2016    7:00 pm                        
                   Wed July 20, 2015     7:00 pm                   Registration Form  
                   Wed Aug 17th, 2016   7:00 pm
                   Wed Sept 16,  2016     7:00 pm