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Fitness Tip of The Month

         February 2012       THE COMPANY WE KEEP   

A new study from Arizona State University looked into how one's friends influence waist size (and the rest of the body). Like any study, it raised as many questions as it answered, including why this happens.  They tested three pathways by which friends might influence one another’s body size:

 1. Collaboration. As ideas about weight and fitness are shared among friends, food and exercise habits follow that tend to reflect that common belief.   

 2. Peer pressure. One might feel bullied into trying to look like friends and family members. Habits are changed to please or comply with those expectations.

 3. Monkey see, monkey do. One's habits often mirror those of friends, just by spending time together.  
All three of these pathways are based on the idea that loved ones share social norms, the implicit cultural beliefs that make some things okay, others not.
The key message, beyond body size, is that what people do together is important and can foster good or bad habits. 

Surround yourself with those of your friends who are active, eat well, and take good care of their bodies.  It rubs off.

Parents can go bicycling with their kids or go to a salad bar with them instead of watching TV.  

Go for a walk instead of just sitting over coffee; conversation is often enhance with movement.

Cook nutritious meals together. Go dancing. 

Create an active lifestyle for yourself and take your friends and family along.  You will be doing yourself and others a huge favor.
ood luck with your endeavors.  If there is anything I can do to assist you, please let me know.

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